Dress Code



Members and gentlemen guests shall wear a suit and tie or a long sleeved tailored jacket and tie when in the Club with the following exceptions:

Seven Days a Week

On any given day until 11.00 am the wearing of jackets and ties is optional for dining in the Verandah Room or the adjoining verandah. Jackets and ties may be removed when using the Billiard Room and jackets may be removed in any room nominated for playing bridge.

On Monday to Friday Evenings

On Monday to Friday evenings from 5.00 pm, while a long-sleeved tailored jacket is still required, the wearing of a tie is optional throughout the Club House unless a specified dress code is given for a designated club or private function.

On Weekends & Public Holidays

On weekends and public holidays the wearing of tailored jackets and ties is optional throughout the Club House except from 5.00 pm on Saturday evenings when long sleeved tailored jackets are then required and the wearing of ties is optional. Members and guests must also continue to observe the designated dress code given for a club or private function.

Club Functions

For designated club functions the House Sub-Committee may amend the dress code as appropriate to the nature of the function.


Ladies have the option to wear a dress, skirt, tailored trousers or evening pants as part of their attire in all parts of the Club.


Those Members and guests residing in the Club may enter or leave the Club House in clothing appropriate to their destination. Neither gentlemen nor ladies may wear denim attire in the Club at any time. The Club will respect the dress uniform of a member of any Defence Force, Police or other Statutory Authority and the national dress of a visitor from overseas.

Jackets and ties are available on request at reception.